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Benefits of HTTPS for Small Businesses – Safer internet! 50% of web page requests use HTTPS

Safer internet benefits of https for small businesses

Great news! More websites than ever are using encryption to protect users data. The internet is now a safer than ever with stats from now showing over 50% of web pages loaded by firefox using HTTPS. For consumers HTTPS means better security and privacy while using websites and for business owners it delivers better security, privacy and improved consumer trust. We will highlight the key benefits of HTTPS for small businesses and why it’s now essential for all website owners to enable it.

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Business Accounting Online

Business accounting online..

At Far Reach we love accounting in the cloud and want to share this great online tool which could be just the thing to help business online run smoothly for you!!

If you are looking for an easy to use online accounting system Free Agent is one of the best out there. At Far Reach we spent a long time looking for an accounting system that was not only suitable for the UK but feature rich.  Because it is web based it is PC or Mac friendly and accessed with your usual web browser. Free Agent also has great integrations with .gov online services for tax. Security online can be a concern so Secure 256-bit SSL connections for all application usage means your data has the same protection that banks use.

We think Free Agent is really worth a look.