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Benefits of HTTPS for Small Businesses – Safer internet! 50% of web page requests use HTTPS

Safer internet benefits of https for small businesses

Great news! More websites than ever are using encryption to protect users data. The internet is now a safer than ever with stats from now showing over 50% of web pages loaded by firefox using HTTPS. For consumers HTTPS means better security and privacy while using websites and for business owners it delivers better security, privacy and improved consumer trust. We will highlight the key benefits of HTTPS for small businesses and why it’s now essential for all website owners to enable it.

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How to choose a strong password

How to choose a strong password

With the media reporting an ever growing number of high profile websites being hacked it is clear that protecting your data and identity online is something all businesses and individuals should take seriously.

The world of tech and website security might seem like dark art and is surely the responsibility of the IT team however choosing a strong password is a vital element of security which is entirely in your control.

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Social Media Marketing: Choosing the best social media platforms for business

Social Media Marketing

The first thing you need to know about social media for business is that it only works if you work it! To market your business on social media requires effort, attention to detail and a willingness to engage with the world … if you can bring those three characteristics, you stand a great chance of finding new markets, new audiences, good partnerships and loyal and enthusiastic supporters.

How to please all the people all the time … The way to win at social media marketing is to:

  1. Choose your social media networks or platforms with care.
  2. Treat your chosen platforms with respect.
  3. Learn to respond as you would to a friend.

These three factors make the difference. Businesses that get them right become social media stars, businesses that get them wrong are publicly derided for their failure to engage. The choice about which reputation your business earns is entirely in your hands. Because social media can be a time drain, the expert choice of the right places to best use your time can be crucial. Here’s our up to date review of the key features of each of five of the largest and most prominent social media sites to help you choose which platform is best for your business.

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Cloud based Office Email and Apps – New products on the way . . .

Business Cloud Apps

It is an exciting time for us at Far Reach as we have been hard at work researching the best ways to make your office mobile and put it into the cloud. We have partnered with Microsoft, Google and Rackspace in order that we can deliver a variety of cloud based business productivity solutions that will keep you connected with your office and colleges on the move. With the ‘cloud’ fast becoming a crowded market place we have been careful to select what we think are the best products available today.

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Changing to carbon neutral web hosting – UK

We have moved our servers to Memset, the UK’s first accredited carbon neutral web hosting provider. For quite some time we have been looking for a quality UK based web hosting service provider that can deliver speed, stability and truly green credentials. This of course means by choosing our own ‘Far Reach Hosting’ you are choosing green hosting too. With the use solid state hard drives we are able to deliver websites faster than ever before so going green does not mean going slow.

Our mission to go green does not stop there! We are also keeping the use of paper to a minimum in the office because at Far Reach we like trees more than tarmac.

Business Accounting Online

Business accounting online..

At Far Reach we love accounting in the cloud and want to share this great online tool which could be just the thing to help business online run smoothly for you!!

If you are looking for an easy to use online accounting system Free Agent is one of the best out there. At Far Reach we spent a long time looking for an accounting system that was not only suitable for the UK but feature rich.  Because it is web based it is PC or Mac friendly and accessed with your usual web browser. Free Agent also has great integrations with .gov online services for tax. Security online can be a concern so Secure 256-bit SSL connections for all application usage means your data has the same protection that banks use.

We think Free Agent is really worth a look.

Far Reach launches a new site with new services

Welcome to the new Far Reach Design website.

In the coming weeks we will be adding new services and products designed to help business and individuals make the most out of being online. Our blog will also feature usefull articles about online marketing and reviews of some of the best business tools out there. Please return soon to join Far Reach on a mission of online discovery.